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Start Growing Your Email List!

To grow your sales, you need to grow your email list. It’s one of those basic selling techniques most online businesses ignore.

It’s easier said than done though because your website visitors aren’t going to voluntarily search for the sign-up form and share their contact details. You have to work for it, almost as diligently as you would work for sales.

We have a solution for you! The zoovu platform allows you to integrate lead capture forms into existing digital assistants.


To find out how you can set up your first assistant, read our Get Started guide.

Step 1: Create A New Question

Once you have the Q&A flow up and running, double-click anywhere on the empty canvas. In a new question container, type the headline for our new Lead Generation.

Step 2: Select The Answer Type “Lead generation”

Now that you have created a Lead Generation, double-click the container to edit it in the Question Bank and select “Lead generation” from Answer type dropdown list.

Step 3: Add Input Fields

In our case we will create fields for:

  • E-mail address (mandatory)
  • Name (mandatory)
  • Phone number (non-mandatory)

Feel free to adjust the list to your needs.



Always remember to select “Email field” in “Element type” dropdown list, when asking for an e-mail address. This way the system will consistency-check any email address.

Step 4: Specify How You Want To Collect The Data

Now, go to Lead Generation settings and specify which method you'll be using to collect your lead data: email address or webhook URL.

If you prefer the first option, please specify the email address that should be notified whenever new leads have been captured. In turn, by choosing the webhook option you'll need to provide a URL to which zoovu will send the captured lead information in a JSON file.


Step 5: Connect The Lead Generation

Connect the Lead Generation element to your flow and grow your e-mail list!

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