Question Bank

Question Bank Elements

The Question bank lists all questions that have been created and have or can be added to your flow. Simply click on question bank to open the menu.


Here you can describe the question purpose. This information will not be displayed in the assistant and only serves as internal information.



If your assistant is being edited by multiple users, defining the question purpose is a great way to help your collaborators understand the flow.

Answering this question…

  • Is optional — the end-user will move to the next question without answering this question.
  • Is mandatory — the end-user has to answer this question before moving to the next question.


Clicking image3.png and confirming the action will the question to be permanently removed from your assistant.  

Answer type

You can specify different answer types, which will define the UX element that will be used for the answer options for this question.


The answer types are comprehensively described in a different article, click here, if you want to know more.

Question And Answer Actions


Adding a pictureimage5.png


A question picture is a great way to increase engagement. Select the image icon and upload your image.


Use the Design tab while editing any visual aspect of your assistant. This way you will be able to view changes immediately.

Adding a description image4.png

Use descriptions to give users additional context or explain answer options. It appears in a tooltip menu when users hover over the info icon 🛈.


Routing menu (for questions only)image2.png

In this menu, you can configure the flow and specify conditions that define how users will traverse the flow. Click here to get more insights about Question routing.

Copying questions

If you want to copy your question - simply drag and drop it from the Question Bank to the canvas.

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