Flow Editor

The Heart Of The zoovu Platform

In the “Flow” configuration page, you’re able to do the following:

  1. Add questions and answers.
  2. Link questions to create a conversation flow.
  3. Map (connect) answers with products in your data file.

Click on the links above to view more detailed setup guides.

To help you get familiar with the flow configuration page, here’s a brief overview of the menus and actions available to you.

Quick Actions

Navigation — you can zoom in and out

  • Explore the flow in the canvas by scrolling your mouse.
  • You can zoom in and out to by pressing + and - on the top-left corner.


Adding a question

  • Double-click anywhere on the canvas.
  • Click on the purple + on the top of your Question bank.



If you want to copy an already existing question - just drag it from the Question Bank to the canvas :)


Question options — To open the options menu, double-click any question or hover over a question and click on the on-hover menu ⋮


Is a starting question — The first question in the assistant. It is marked by a green ’home’ icon in the top-left corner of the question.



It’s best to organize your flow from left to right, so placing your starting question accordingly may be the way to go!

Edit — This takes you straight to the specific question in the Question bank where you can define detailed configuration settings.

Deleteremoves the question from the flow. After doing so, the question will still remain in the Question bank, where you can then remove it permanently.

Double-click on a path to open the Route menu.

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