Answer Types

Answer Types: Explained

In this section, we take a closer look at zoovu answer types that can be used for the specific question. Answer types are needed to build a clear and entertaining flow, let’s then take a look!

Answer types can be chosen from the specific question tab in the Question Bank.


There are the following answer types:


Allows selecting only one answer. This is ideal for either-or questions where you want to end-user to make a specific choice.

Allows the end-user to select multiple answer options for the specific question.


Allows selecting answers from a dropdown list. It comes extremely handy if you have a wide variety of answer options for the specific question.


Dropdown elements do not support pictures.


Slider & Double slider

Allows end-users to select a numerical value (Slider) or define a numerical range (Double slider) by using a slider element. This element is ideal for numeric answer options such as size or price.

Double slider

Slider options

To configure a slider, select a numerical product data attribute, which is used to automatically define the slider range (minimum and maximum value).



Learn more about products collection (data file) here.

What will work? ✔️

  • Price
  • Size
  • Maximum or minimum value, e.g. height

What should be avoided ❌ 

  • Multiple sizes separated with a comma.
  • Ranges separated with a dash
  • Numbers with units

Other Slider Settings (Single Slider)


  • Minimum and Maximum value to define the slider range
  • Preset value is the default value. It must be a value that’s within the defined minimum and maximum range.
  • Unit lets you define the unit which will be displayed next to the slider value. There are no restrictions, you could even add in a smiley face 😃
  • Slide from left to right — switch the toggle to define the direction of the slider.
  • Step — define the many distinct step increments when using the slider.

Special Slider Settings — Double slider


Position left and Position right define the default starting points of the Double slider handles

Lead Generation

Use this question type if you want to use the assistant to capture customer details.



Read our step-by-step guide for the Lead generation here.

Send responses to — add the email address that should receive notifications whenever a customer has left his /her details as. You will not only receive the customer’s details but are also able to see how they have answered each question.

Create Your Lead Form

  1. Select the field type
  2. Add a question label
  3. Define whether the field must be filled in (Set as mandatory)


Email Field


This is a very specific field and is available only in the Lead Generation. It simply detects whether the customer has put a proper email address or not.

In the field of New Question, you can specify the message that will be displayed on your assistant, see the example below with Your email input.



If you want to be sure about receiving emails of each lead completing the assistant, set this field as mandatory.

Input Field


Using this field, you can ask for whatever you want — from a name through a telephone number, to name of a favorite Avenger — the sky's the limit :)

Other Fields

Other fields, like Radio, Checkbox, and Dropdown, follow the same rules as described in the top section of this article. A nice example of Lead Generation and Radio Button below.


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