Question Routing


In this menu, you can configure the flow and specify conditions that define how users will traverse the flow. To enter question routing, click the following icon in the Question Bank:



  • “Go to question” specifies the next question in a path. It is assigned automatically when connecting your questions via drag & drop action.
  • “Label” is a field, where you can provide additional information about the route. It helps to organize your flow and is not visible to end users.


    We recommended using labels whenever you have multiple paths leading to the same question.

  • In “Conditional routing” you can configure dynamic flows. It allows you to specify conditions that determine the questions that will be displayed based on the user’s behavior and actions.
    image13.pngDynamic Flow

    image5.pngStatic Flow

Setting-Up A Conditional Routing

  • Select the question at the beginning of your route image4.png
  • image7.pngDefine the answer status of the question (answered or not answered)
  • Specify the answer that will lead to the route.

    In the result, we may end up with something like this:

  • You can specify more than one condition that will lead to a specific route, just click image1.png  and repeat the above process.


    If you want to create more than one rule that will lead to a specific route, remember to check, if or conditions should be met to lead to a specific route.

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