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Among many custom elements, we can enable the approval process in your organization’s assistant. This great feature allows assigning the creation of the assistant to employees or teammates, without losing control over its final shape!

How Does It Work?

Let’s say that in your organization there’s one person who is responsible for the digital assistant. This person will have the final approval of all changes made to the flow.


By enabling our feature, we create two user types:

  1. Writer – who is able to make changes in the assistant.
  2. Approver – who is approving all the changes made by writers.

The Process

Using the approval feature is pretty straightforward and requires only the general knowledge of our platform, which can be found here. The process consists of only three steps.

  • Step 1: Writer creates an assistant or does changes.

    Writer logs into the account and may edit freely. When "Publish" is clicked, edits will be sent for approval.

  • Step 2: Approver approves assistant for publication.

    The approver receives an email and may preview and test the Digital Assistant.


    The approver has two options, to either approve the assistant or reject it along with feedback on things to be improved.

  • Step 3: Publishing

    After approving all the changes, the writer receives a notification via e-mail and then is able to publish the assistant. That’s it!


Once approved, the assistant has to be published by the writer before making any further changes.


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