Make Your Digital Assistant Beautiful

The appearance tab is where you can control the look and feel of your assistant. It’s accessible through the Design tab. Here is what you can do to make your assistant look beautiful and unique!


What You Can Do In The Appearance Tab?

  1. Changing theme — our platform offers a steady growing base of themes and templates to choose from. Select the desired theme from the dropdown list and changes will be visible immediately. This will not affect your flow, so you can test to choose the best one!
  2. Disabling images for questions — this option enables or disables all question images, regardless of other question-related settings.
  3. Setting primary and secondary colors
    Primary color is present on:

    Selected answer marker
    Completed progress bar
    Product-related buttons

    Secondary color is present on:

    Question font
    Restart button
    Slider background
    Product frames

  4. Answer configuration allows the hiding/viewing of disabled questions and pictures. See Progressive filter for more details.
  5. In the fonts menu, you can specify the size and style of your assistant's texts. All fonts are free, fast and reliant, so you can use them without worrying!
  6. Changing standard texts - zoovu comes with a package of standard texts viewed throughout the whole question and answer flow. All texts, even as minor as “Restart”, can be changed through “Standard text menu”.
  7. Recommendation settings — decide how many products are shown on the question/results page.
  8. Custom CSS - adjust the design of the assistant to fit your needs. Read an article about Custom CSS feature to learn more.


The idea behind creating an assistant is to deliver the best matching product to your customer. Try to keep a low number of recommended products.

Full List Of Texts That Can Be Changed:

General Texts Default

Start over button


Questionnaire navigation: back


Questionnaire navigation: submit


Mandatory answer message

Answer is required

Questionnaire navigation: next



Result Page Texts Default

First cluster header

Let's see which products totally match your needs:

Recommendations navigation: back


Results mode button


Sort by

Sort by

Sort: price descending

Price descending

First cluster header alternatives

Here are some alternatives for you:

Recommendations navigation: next


Product button

Add to basket

Sort: price ascending

Price ascending

Sort: Relevance



Compare Page Texts Default

Compare dialog- header

Product Comparison

Start compare

Start compare

Show fewer attributes

Show less

Alternatives product header — expand

Add more products: (click to open or close the alternative products)

Compare selector — headline


Show more attributes

Show more

Selected attributes

Attributes according to your choices:


Lead Generation Texts Default

E-mail field validation failure message

Please provide e-mail address

Lead generation form success message

Form has been successfully submitted.

Lead generation form success message title

Thank you!

Product Buttons

Another useful feature found in the appearance tab is Product buttons, i.e.

  • Go to product button
  • Add to cart button


All visible aspects an assistant, including buttons, can be customized using our custom CSS feature! Click here to find out more.

The Go to product button is enabled by default and leads to the product details webpage on your e-commerce site, where the customer can explore the item in further detail.

In the second option, we have the Add to cart button, which can be configured to be used with your e-commerce site through the data file or the following custom JavaScript code: 




If you need personal guidance on how to set-up Add to cart button with your e-commerce site, let us know at

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