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Let’s look at how you can manage products and their attributes directly in the zoovu platform. There are two modes to help you manage the data: Preview and Editor.

Preview Mode allows you to browse imported products.


Editor Mode allows you to edit product details.


Any changes can be reverted image1.png or saved. Remember to  image5.png before leaving the editor mode for your changes to be reflected in the digital assistant.

Editor Mode Actions

  • Managing columns

    To add, edit or delete an attribute, right-click on the attribute name in the top row, select the action and apply your changes. Find out more about column types in this article.


Columns can be edited or deleted only if they're not used in the digital assistant flow. If a column is either tied to an expression (influences the results generation) or a view (displayed in results), you have to disconnect it before making changes to the column.   

  • Managing product values

    The zoovu platform offers you an easy and quick way to manage your product catalog data. You can add and delete products and column values. Right-click on any product, select the desired action and make your changes. Voilà.

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