Progressive Filter

Show Only Relevant Answers


With this option, you can ensure that users can only select options that are still available at any point in the conversation.

Sounds like magic? Let’s have a quick look at an example.

Imagine You Sell Four Bikes

Two mountain bikes and two road bikes, each available in a different color.

  • 2 x Mountain bike, colors: black, blue
  • 2 x Road Bike, colors: red, white


For progressive filtering to work, you have to make sure that the answers are correctly mapped to the right product attribute columns (in the example it’s ‘color’). To find more about product mapping, see our product mapping article.

Without Progressive Filtering

If a customer indicated that s/he was interested in a road bike, without progressive filtering, s/he would be able to select any of the available color options, even though the road bike is not available in the colors black or blue.

With Progressive Filtering

Now, with progressive filtering, zoovu automatically eliminates answer options that aren’t available given the customer’s previous choices.


When progressive filtering is activated, zoovu will automatically skip questions that do not have any matching answer option. For example, if bikes in the colors black, blue, red and white have sold out, zoovu would not display the color question and move right on to the next question.

In this example, the customer, who is interested in a road bike,  is only able to select either the color red or white.

As you can see, the progressive filter detected that there isn't any road bike in black or blue, so these answers were automatically disabled.


You can completely hide non-matching answers by disabling the option in the Design tab.

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