Adjust The Results Page

In this section, we will take a closer look at a Results page tab. Here you can decide which product attributes should be viewed at the end of an assistant. To access the Results page tab, click the button on the Design tab:


There are two main types of attributes that are being shown on the results page:

  1. Used in Results
  2. Used in Compare view

What Can You Do In The Result And Compare View Menu?

  • Add an attribute to be displayed image3.png
  • Change position of attributes via a drag-and-drop action.


  • Change captions - to make the visible text more informative or entertaining.

  • Specify Units, when needed.
  • Specify Positive text - when the value is met in the data file.
  • Specify Negative text - when the value is not met in the data file.


An attribute has to be linked to the data file. If it’s something new for you, make sure to read this section.

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