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Product Page Elements And Actions

The zoovu platform allows you to configure the products that will be recommended to users in the assistant.  

In this section, we will look closer at the product catalog (data file) actions that can be taken and certain elements on the Products tab. Let’s start!


Import And Export Products

To ensure product information can easily be updated in your assistant, product catalogs can be both imported and exported from the zoovu platform.

  • Import product catalogs from your computer if you've previously created a file and exported them from an e-commerce platform or inventory management system.
  • Export product catalogs to your computer in Excel format if you built a product catalog using the template structure provided by zoovu. Exporting the product catalog is valuable when you have made changes in Editor Mode and would like to save the updated catalog to your computer.

Products Tab Icons

Refer to the icon legend displayed at the top to identify the different column types and to keep an overview of your imported product data. The icons indicate the purpose of the columns in the product catalog. Hover over an icon to display more information.


  • Mandatory columns productstab3.jpg Columns that must contain product data for products to be published in the assistant. If indicated, it shows you have already mapped them when importing your products or they are present in the data template you’re using.
  • Used in view productstab4.jpg Indicates that the content of these columns will be shown as attributes marking that the product is matching with the answers given within the assistant. Visibility of each attribute is possible to set up in tab Result view (Assistant ⇾ Design ⇾ Result view).
  • Used in expressions productstab4.jpg Columns used to make business rules when mapping products to the answers. They are not visible in the result page view until they are set to be visible. Any time a business rule is changed to one of the answers (different column mapping), the visibility of used in expressions will automatically change in the product tab.image3.png
  • Computed Attribute productstab5.jpg Columns created using our Computed Attribute feature, which allows you to set up the custom parameter based on the specified conditions. If you want to know more please take a look at the Computed Attibutes article.


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