Assistant Localization

Make Your Digital Assistant Multilingual

Assistant localization menu in Settings tab allows you to set up additional language versions for your assistant. Let's briefly go through the available options.


 At the beginning you can see your default assistant language. 

  • Language — The primary language of your assistant.
  • Country — Country where your assistant will be used in. This option exists as there might be differences (e.g. in price value formatting) between countries using the same language.
  • Formatting — Method of displaying the price value (currency symbol and position, decimal and thousand separators)
  • local6.jpg Button to download the file containing all the texts used within the assistant. You can use it to prepare translation
  • locale8.jpg Button to quickly download the data file, which can be then used to prepare country specific product information

If you want to add additional language version simply use the locale4.jpg button.

You can add separate translation file containing all the texts used within the assistant as well as country-specific data. To do this download the base files by clicking on the corresponding buttons.


Then translate the files and upload them to the target localization.



If you are not able to add the additional localizations — feel free to contact us at to get to know how to enable it on your account.

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