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This article provides a list (including definition) of all success Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provided by zoovu digital assistants. Let’s start!

Quick Summary


Zoovu Starts — The total number of times a digital assistant has been started, performed or observed in an engaged visit.

Total Click-throughs — The total number of engaged visitors that completed the digital assistant journey by reaching the results page or by entering via the Product Detail Page.  

Click-through Rate — The percentage of engaged visitors that entered the Product Detail Page from the digital assistant.


Remember to select the Data Range to make full use of your advisor’s statistics. General rule — the wider the data range, the more accurate the metrics are.


Other Metrics

Avg. Visit Duration — The average length of an engaged visit of a digital assistant.


Engagement Percentage — The percentage of visitors who actively engaged with a digital assistant by answering at least one question.


Engaged Visits — The total number of visits within a digital assistant where the user was actively engaged and answered at least one question.


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