Custom CSS

Customize your assistant

You can make your assistant’s design entirely custom by using the Custom CSS option. You will find it in the Design tab, in the Appearance section.


You can add and edit your custom CSS code by clicking on the Edit button (Pencil icon). We provided you with a sample block of code but that’s just a tiny portion of what you can achieve here.


Remember to remove the comment signs ("/*" at the beginning and "*/" at the end) if you want to make the sample code work.



You can style any static class in your assistant, which are easy to recognize thanks to their user-friendly names, such as:


You will be able to see your changes in the assistant only when Custom CSS is enabled. Simply switch the toggle on:



When your changes don’t apply in the assistant, try using the !important rule. This will override any class relationships that might be blocking your customization. For example:

.questions-wrapper .answer-text {
color: #3b0078 !important;

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