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  • Top Product & Product Rating

    October 2019

    • Top Product: Give more impact to the top product recommended to your customers by distinguishing it visually from the remaining recommendations. Learn how.
    • Product Rating: Add more social proof to your offering by displaying your products' user rating. Learn how.


  • Media Queries

    September 2019

    • Media Queries: use media queries in zoovu's in-built CSS editor to enhance the responsiveness of your assistants to better display them on various device types. Learn how.


  • Computed Attributes & Add To Cart

    August 2019

    • Computed attributes: Save a lot of time and ask truly need-oriented questions by letting zoovu fill out product attributes based on other values you’ve already defined for your products. Learn how.
    • Add to cart: Let your customers choose to read about a product before purchase or add it directly to their shopping cart. Learn how.


  • Automated Feeds & Resource Library

    July 2019

    • Automated data feeds: This feature allows you to configure, schedule and manage automatic feeds of your product data files. Learn how.
    • Resource library: Use a dedicated library to manage your images and fonts. Learn how.


  • CSS & Webhook

    June 2019

    • Custom CSS: This feature offers an easy way to customize the design of your zoovu assistants. Simply use a convenient CSS editor to see your changes implemented on the fly. Learn how.
    • Webhook for lead generation: Lead gen allows you to capture how customers interact with your assistants and send that information to your email. With this addition you’re also able to have that data exposed to a webhook URL and, for instance, fed into your CRM system.


  • Sales Reporting & UX Improvements

    May 2019

    • Sales data added to reporting dashboard: zoovu reporting is now extended with sections providing sales data, such as sales attribution, a list of the customers' top sold products, and a sales summary for their most efficient and best-performing products.
    • Usability improvements: We’ve made several usability improvements to the process of flow creation, product mapping, and assistant publishing.


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