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To successfully integrate your digital assistant with Shopify, you only need to have access to your Shopify Dashboard. After that, the process is very simple and consists of only a few steps.


For this guide, we have used the latest version of Shopify. If you need personal guidance on how to integrate zoovu with older versions of Shopify, feel free to let us know at

Step 0: Publish Your Assistant

After building your Q&A flow, to successfully place the assistant on your web-store, you need to publish it first.

To perform this action, simply press Publish on the upper-right side of your assistant’s dashboard.


If the action is successful, you will receive the following message. Congrats!


Step 1: Create A Page For Your Assistant

To create a separate page for your assistant, open your Shopify Admin Dashboard and navigate to the Online Store tab and then select Pages to proceed. 


In the next menu, click Add New Page and proceed to the second step. 


Step 2: Paste Integration Code


To successfully set-up the page, you can use the Shopify Guide as a reference. After this step, Integrating zoovu assistant is very simple.

First, In the page creation tab, click the Show HTML button image6.png at the top of the content editor.


Second, copy the integration code from your zoovu dashboard.


Then, paste the integration code into the Content field and save the page.


Congratulations, your assistant has been successfully integrated! Now it’s time to create an entry path for your visitors.

Step 3: Create An Entry Path

The success of your assistant is highly dependent on how well you integrate it into your website and how visible it is to your users.

Proper integration of the assistant leads to multiple benefits for both your business and your customers.

To see how to create an attractive entry path, read this article.


If you are having problems integrating with Shopify, let us know at – we are more than happy to help. 

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